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Becoming a Community Partner with Self-Reclaimed

Community partnerships are essential for Self-Reclaimed to work with and empower leaders and allies to be the bridge between their survivors and the services we offer. We believe in building safe spaces in which survivors occupy and meeting survivors where they’re at. We do this through building awareness of sexual assault & domestic violence to organizations and thus creating trust between our organization and theirs, which is a necessary component of building survivor trust, and in turn Self-Reclaimed survivor membership.


Each partnership is offered the following services:

Each partnership is offered the following services: 

  • Education seminars 

    • Topics include but are not limited to

      • Sexual Assault Education

      • Domestic Violence Education

      • Consent Culture

      • Emotional Awareness 

      • Trauma-Informed Approaches

      • Intersectionality 

      • Cultural Humility Practices

      • Self-Care Practices

  • Leadership Training

    • Topics include but are not limited to

      • Crisis Intervention Training

      • How to Create Safe Spaces

      • Effective Communication & Empowerment-Based Language

      • Prevention Training

      • Trauma-Informed Policy & Program Development 

  • Wellness services 

    • Services include but are not limited to

      • Yoga

      • Tai Chi

      • Sound Meditation

      • Movement Exploration Workshops

  • Ambassador Training Opportunities

    • The Self-Reclaimed Ambassador Training services are personal and professional development programs designed to empower passionate individuals ready to join in our vision of building a world that rejects victimhood, embraces survivorship, and is free of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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