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Community Happenings

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Community Events


Mental Health Meets Immersive Art!

Join us at Art of Balance's newest location at 1611 W Monroe to be immersed in Isabelle Rizo C.Ht. Consulting Hypnotist's Coven Artists "The Dialectics" art exhibition and meet clinicians that are bringing clinical workshops and tools for the community.

For everyone that joins there are opportunities to join our raffle to win some fabulous and creative prizes with funds going towards the Art of Balance fund which brings free mental health services to folks in Chicago. One of the missions of Art of Balance is accessibility and we are committed to breaking down barriers for mental health access.


The wonder of Pussy Magic meets SheWolf with... PussyWolf ...an interactive educational experience & performance showcase exploring the Erotic as Healing.

As the SheWolf, our eros shows the way to our wildness. Our desires are the compass to uncovering our truest selves.

Our pussy magic is the femme essence of creativity, chaos, + pure energy that exists within sensation. It is our wildness, outside of structure. It is in imbalance in our Patriarchal world, + by exploring our erotic power, pussy magic, + SheWolf wildness we level the scales back to a balance point, a nonbinary blend.

Our wild selves call us home, away from pre-described turn ons, assumptions, judgements, boxes of gender or culture, + needing to ' fit in'. We find ourselves through exploring our truest erotic selves, + in the process we heal ourselves and the world.

Community Workshops


The Art of Balance offers a variety of Group Therapy and Community Programs such as 

  • Sexual Assault Peer Survivor Groups

  • Expressive Arts Groups

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

  • Exploring Gender Identity and Queerness Groups

  • Bullet Journaling Groups

  • Anxiety Support Groups

  • COVID-19 Transitions Groups

  • Tarot for Self-Care Groups

  • Time, Money, and Energy Balancing Groups

  • Racial Trauma Healing Groups

  • Moving through Grief & Death Anxiety Groups

  • Mental Health Roleplaying Campaign


Karen Lum is a Registered Yoga Teacher and one of our in-house wellness instructors. Outside of Self-Reclaimed, she offers weekly yoga classes with sound bath healing. Her weekly virtual yoga classes are on Saturdays at 10 AM CST. Email her to be added to the class roster!