Resilience Model

We define resilience as the practice of overcoming in moderate stress. Trauma has a significant impact on our perception of stress that activates the fight or flight response in any identified trigger and brings us out of our window of tolerance to hyper- or hypo-arousal states of the sympathetic nervous system.


Working first from the healing paradigm to return our survivors within their windows of tolerance, we start to take action in our resilience model by creating a safe environment ideal to build and practice resilience through mindfulness activities (both recreational & therapeutic). By doing so, our goal is to widen our survivor’s window of tolerance to modulate severe levels of stress into moderate levels of stress. Through the application and proficiency of the resilience model, our aim is to create sustainable, long-term means of healing and empower our members to reclaim their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.


Psychology research has found that therapeutic benefits are amplified in group settings due to group cohesion. Our aim is to build a cohesive community of survivors to empower themselves and each other in their collective healing journey.