Our Empowerment Programs focus on the self as a group. The objectives are to

  • Expand Movement Repertoire: to gain new skills and increase a sense of accomplishment

  • Foster creative expression: to increase inner connectivity and outer expressivity

  • Practice effort training: to develop proficiency to integrate these strategies into habits and lifestyles

  • Nurture social connection: to increase self-esteem and self-worth in group settings


Getting into our bodies is a great way to channel cathartic means of release. Our mindfulness workshops help develop the practice of resilience in a way that resonates with your personal healing journey. You do not need to be flexible, a certain body type, or have any previous experience in our activities. Our trauma-informed facilitators will meet you where you're at. Our offerings include but are not limited to trauma-informed yoga, self-defense classes, dance classes, meditation sessions, tai chi, rock climbing, & movement expression groups.