Our Healing Programs focus on the self as an individual. The objectives are to

  • Increase self-awareness: to build skills in identifying emotions related to situations

  • Establish self-regulation skills: to utilize one’s inner resource to regulate within one's window of tolerance

  • Reclaim a sense of self/identity: to understand the impact of trauma and re-establish safety & identity within oneself

Wellness Coach


Seeking help and accessing mental health care is a journey that we want to walk with you. Let us guide you to understand what is available to you, coordinate your care, and offer resources and recommendations. In our team, we have Care Guides that are clinically trained to help you explore and understand your health insurance, employee assistance programs, student support programs, etc. Let us move past the terrain of mental health stigma and discover healing together.

Support Group


It's OK not to be OK. Our Wellness Checks allow for members to be with each other's experiences without needing to change or fix themselves. Our trauma-informed facilitators hold this space for members to allow themselves to be seen and check in on their own bio-psycho-social-spiritual wellness.