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In our efforts to find a restorative justice solution for survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence as an alternative to “cancel culture”, we have developed the Restorative Services.

In this confidential restorative justice practice, all parties talk to each other. A trained mediator facilitates. The goal is for the parties to agree on how justice should be fulfilled. Each party has the right to choose to participate. The main benefit of this choice is that it brings justice into the hands of those most directly impacted by the offense. 

Restorative mediation is only an option if both parties are deemed “appropriate.” This means they need to be psychologically capable and aware that the process is voluntary. It’s also important that there is no additional harm done by this mediation. During the process, all parties have the opportunity to express and explain the sequence of events from their perspective. 


Self-Reclaimed seeks to create an inclusive safe space where all people are welcomed regardless of their ethnicity, race, income, age, or abilities. We seek to restore safety and trust in spaces and places, where that safety and trust have been broken.

Who's involved

  • Mediators who have completed a Conflict Resolution & Mediation training

  • Primary parties involved in the conflict

  • Each party may invite additional support to the mediation with consent from everyone involved.


To create safe, restorative, and forward-looking goals between all parties involved. The goals of the mediation are to show remorse and take accountability, where needed, and agree on how to repair the harm done and rebuild safety and trust.


Initial inquiry

Reconciliation Services

Interested in the Restorative Services?

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mediators will get back to you. 

All submissions are confidential.

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