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In 2023, Self-Reclaimed launched its Safe Space Initiative (SSI) which is part of our two-pronged theory of change and is fundamentally modeled after survivor healing circles. By engaging in values-driven, candid conversations, the community identifies the necessary education, resources, skills, and advocacy work that seeks to change the culture and systems that allow SA + DV to exist.


Overtime, the SSI will shift and develop as the needs of our community evolve.




This year, we have successfully hosted 3 virtual SSI Forums where we’ve facilitated educational and skill building content and discussed (1) Self-Reclaimed’s Theory of Change, (2) Trauma-Informed Leadership, and (3) Compassion Fatigue.

43 members have joined the SSI from across the United States. After each forum, we invite members to help shape the topics of the following forum.


We will be concluding our fiscal year with a fourth and final forum centered on how sexual assault and domestic violence is a systemic and culture issue.


Founding Members

Adrian Rosete

Amy Ronan

Angela Brizant

Avesha Michael

Cheryl De Guzman Capadocia

Christina Ola McHale

Ebony Holloway

Francesca Morales

Gabriela Miller

Holly Peterson

Jordan Ordonez

Joslyn Matt

Laura Lea Nalle

Lauren Gestes

Lori Dombrowski

Marilyn Catinella

Melissa Abbitt

Nathalie Pena

Stacie Beland

Tou Ger Lee

Vanessa De Leon

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