Through our Education Programs, we serve work organizations, groups, and individual consumers. We offer live webisodes, podcasts, webinars, IG livestreams, etc for our individual consumers. We offer Community Training & Leadership Training to develop proficiency in setting up safe spaces through a trauma-informed approach. Our work is proactive, rather than reactive, in order to set an example in the community of other possibilities of healing. Through the work and practice of allyship, we aim to set up safe spaces that embody Self-Reclaimed’s values of transparency, openness, integrity, authenticity, & compassion.



Through our Community Programs, we work to serve and partner with work organizations by providing our empowerment programs (recreational, therapeutic, & mindfulness workshops) to create work environments that embody healing (i.e. managing burn-out), empowerment (i.e. sense of belonging), and unity (i.e. group cohesion). Through these partnerships, Self-Reclaimed seeks sponsorship to subsidize Survivor Programming, in addition to becoming a referral source/employee assistance program for survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence.



Our Unity Programs focus on the self as a community. The objectives for our Education & Community Programs are as follows:

Education Programs

  • To prevent survivors from re-experiencing sexual trauma in their settings


Community Programs

  • Develop a sense of belonging for all participants

  • To promote healing, empowerment, and unity in different settings for survivors (i.e. work organizations/companies, group affiliations, etc.)

  • To subsidize survivor programming through sponsorship from work organizations/companies, group affiliations etc.