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Our Philosophy

In order to realize a world that embraces survivorship and is free of sexual assault and domestic violence, we need to create and sustain communities where we live, learn, work, play, and pray that embody Self-Reclaimed's values of transparency, integrity, openness, authenticity, and compassion. These values are the core of creating Safe Spaces for healing, empowerment, and unity.

Based on behavioral research, we reject approaches to this field of work that shame others for where they’re at in their healing or educational journeys. We do not endorse “cancel or call-out culture" but we advocate for actionable accountability. We are mindful in the ways we hold space for survivors to share their stories to mitigate re-traumatization and vicarious trauma. We believe that a trauma-informed approach is critical and we do this through person-centered services and the ongoing practice of vulnerability, cultural humility, and radical self-compassion.


Services are accessible and open to individuals of all socioeconomic status backgrounds, race and ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and geographical locations; and are provided using a social justice and equity lens.


Self-Reclaimed will continue to learn and grow as research in this field develops and as the needs of our community, survivors, and allies, transform.


Resilience Model

The bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach is a modern humanistic and holistic view of the human being. By addressing all dimensions of the self, bio-psycho-social-spiritual, we can better understand each person’s Window of Capacity and respond to each person’s unique needs in order to support them through their healing journey. This holistic comprehensive approach held by our pillars of service creates an environment of safety to promote our values of transparency, integrity, openness, authenticity, and self-compassion in relationship to self and others. Our goal is to understand each survivor’s Window of Capacity and apply self-regulation techniques (i.e. Regular Relaxation Response to target the peripheral nervous system) to address the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions of the individual to help them return within their windows and shift to an empowered survivor mentality. We prioritize healing as the foundation of our mission statement, and we take a proactive, rather than a reactive, response to long-term sustained healing.

Resilience Model


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Our Philosophy
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Empowerment Model

By understanding SA & DV as intersectional, generational, and societal issues, we can inform and support individuals and communities to make choices that combat and transform these systemic injustices. Acts of violence are never the fault of the survivor and we seek to empower survivors and our communities in their journey of self reclamation.

Resilience Model


Community Model

Our vision of a world free of sexual assault & domestic violence begins with prevention work. Our Safe Spaces Initiative believes every space that we occupy - where we live, learn, work, play, and pray - needs to not only be informed, educated, and trained, but united against any forms of SA or DV.

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